TIPS CENTER Teacher, Student & Community Work Center One component of the TIPS Center is a well-stocked work center available for use by educators, church groups, civic organizations, business and community residents at minimal cost. Equipment found in the work center includes two laminators, copiers, duplicators, folding machine, over 375 Ellison cutting die, cutting boards, binder machines and supplies, computers/printers, long-reach and heavy duty staplers, overhead projectors, opaque projector, and supplies, such as idea books, clip art patterns, construction paper, poster board, scissors, glue, pencils, markers and rulers, for doing all types of projects. Parent Center The parent component of the TIPS Center provides assistance to parents of the district’s students in many areas such as parent magazines, videos and resource materials for check-out, free materials and literature to aid parents in helping their children on various subjects.

TIPS Center (Daniels School Library)
203 West 6th Avenue
Phone 870.364.5010
Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:00 – 3:30

Friday – 8:30 – 3:00