Please use the following link to obtain current and accurate information for active cases of COVID-19 in the Crossett School District.

These maps and tables show the trends for new positive COVID-19 cases for school districts as a 14-day new case rate per 10,000 residents for each school district. Some districts have missing rates because rates based on case counts of fewer than 10 are not displayed.


Current Active Cases:

Active School Related Quarantines:

Five or fewer cases will not be reported. 



In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our staff and student body we are asking all parents/guardians, of students who will be in attendance on-site, and all employees to notify our designated Point of Contact immediately when the following occurs:

  • Someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Someone in the household has been identified as a Close Contact to a positive case of COVID-19 and is requiring quarantine and/or recommended to be tested for COVID-19.

  • Students attending on-site and employees who are being tested for COVID-19. If symptomatic, student/staff should remain in quarantine pending results of their COVID-19 test.

Please call Mandy McElroy at 364-5051 or email information to

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Together we can help keep our Crossett School District family safe, healthy and ready to learn during this unique time.


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