PowerSchool Online Enrollment

If at all possible, please be sure to upload essential documents like birth certificates, social security cards, parent/guardian DL, etc. Students cannot be fully registered in the district without these items. If you are unable to scan those documents, you can take them to your student(s) school(s) and they can make copies. For questions about enrollment, you may contact the school offices.

Enrollment CAN be done at each school, this method is optional!

PreK 3 and PreK 4 need to be enrolled at the Crossett Learning Center due to the need for several documents to be completed, as well as other items. Address- 305 Oak St. & Phone- 870-364-3183

CES (grades K-4)- 870-364-6521 (address is 1100 Camp Road)

CMS (grades 5-8)- 870-364-4712 (address is 100 Coach Ed Johnson Drive)

CHS (grades 9-12)- 870-364-2625 (address is 301 W. 9th Ave.)