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CSD Board members celebrated those who have committed to the teaching profession by signing the Commitment to Education certificate, showing their personal pledge to the students of Crossett, the...


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Neel Childress, an 11th-grade student at Crossett High School, recently attended Inclusion Film Camp hosted by Northwest Arkansas Community College(NWACC) in Bentonville, AR. The camp targets junior and senior high school students with IEPs or 504 plans who are interested in pursuing or exploring a career in the film industry. The camp only admits 50 students annually for an intense five-day learning experience. The film camp is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation of Arkansas. Joey Travolta, a veteran filmmaker, is the owner of Inclusion Films and collaborates with Arkansas Transition and Arkansas Rehabilitation to host the film camp. Neel attended film camp with his mother, Rachel Johnson, the week of April 29- May 3. While he was at camp, he learned about the history of film, developed a script, helped produce a short film, and learned how special effects makeup is done with other students from across Arkansas. Barry Pearl, best known from his character “Doody” from Grease, is an instructor and helped coach some of the students in film camp. Other instructors included: Samantha Laurenti and Roger Welch. The instructors were absolutely fantastic with the camp goers. Neel was selected to do the clamper board or slate. He was a natural on the set. This job is one that every Hollywood movie has on its crew. On May 1, Mrs. Karen Frisby, Special Education LEA, and Mrs. Donna Culpepper from Crossett School District visited Neel at camp. Neel’s film was featured at the film festival in Bentonville this year. His family attended the festival where he was presented a GOPRO from Cox Communication. Joey has a film school, that lasts 20 weeks, in Bakersfield, California - it is one of five in the state. The school specializes in teaching people with disabilities how to further a career in the film industry. Joey recently produced a movie in which 70% of the crew were individuals with disabilities. Once Neel graduates from Crossett High School, he would like to attend the camp and explore the film industry as part of the camera crew. Joey Travolta believes in the students who attend the film camp. The camp teaches soft skills, independence, and how to be proactive to help them live in their community regardless of their disability. Once a person finishes his film school, he picks several of them to travel the road with him to film camps all over the United States. Some of his students from film camp have gone on to live productive lives and working on sets in Hollywood. Submitted by: Mrs. Donna Culpepper, CHS view image

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Joshua Teutsch, a 10th grader from Crossett High School, has spent the second half of his sophomore year in the Owl Program (Opportunity for Work Based Learning). Joshua expressed that he wanted to work in the fire department. After talking with Assistant Chief Wilhite about the OWL program, the fire department was glad to have Josh on board. Josh has enjoyed his time after school with the young firefighters and medics. The guys have given him a great experience showing him about “Fire Life”. What they have also done, is guided him down the path of a potential full or part time post high school career. Successful partnerships with public agencies and local businesses are key to supporting these wonderful young adults in the Owl Program governed by Arkansas Rehabilitation and Arkansas Transition. Students like Josh get the chance to see what careers are really like when they get the chance to job shadow at places like the Crossett Fire Department. Josh’s job was setup with Assistant Chief Wilhite back in January. The fire department welcomed Josh with open arms after school. He has been going to the fire department twice a week for two hours and helping do odds and end jobs around the fire station. Josh has really enjoyed the job shadowing and extra money this opportunity has given him. Most students in high school don’t really know what they want as a career after high school. Being able to see what goes on in a career first hand gives students an idea if they would want to spend time in school for it. Submitted by: Mrs. Donna Culpepper, CHS view image

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Pre-K Parents: We are asking for your help by taking a survey for ForwARd Arkansas. This survey is completely anonymous and only takes about 10 minutes. The data collected will help our district to improve the future of our Pre-K program. If you are interested in taking the survey, please email Whitney Farmer at and she will send you the survey link. We thank you for your help!

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Chris Brisby, an 11th grader at CHS, is pictured along with his Welding Instructor, Mr. Donnie Dubose, from UAM-CTC. Chris is enrolled in the Welding course at UAM-CTC, which is a Concurrent College Credit class. Chris, with the help of Mr. Dubose, welded the pictured eagle. He won the SkillsUSA State Competition for Arkansas. Chris and Mr. Dubose presented the project to the Board of Education on Monday night. view image

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